If you like to make our regular tour private (the same tour just for you), please contact us. 

2 People = 40,000yen
3 People = 50,000yen
4 People = 58,000yen
5 People = 65,000yen
6 People = 72,000yen

2 People = 50,000yen
3 People = 60,000yen
4 People = 70,000yen
5 People = 80,000yen
6 People = 90,000yen

Also, if you'd like private tour arranged just for you, we can also arrange it based on your interests. 

 8:30am Meet at Fish Market (Inner & Outer market, tuna tasting, vendor food sushi for breakfast)
10:30am Walk to department store in Ginza, select dessert from food floor and enjoy them on roof top. 
11:30am Take the train to Ueno (Big Market, good soba noodle, wagyu tasting)
  1:30pm Walk around old town neighbourhood called Yanaka. Try vendor food, drink at over 80year-old-house renovated to a cafe.  
  4:00pm Finish