Tour schedule: 3.5hours PRIVATE ONLY

Please send us inquiry regarding the tour date & start time
Recommended start time: 7:45am. 
Inner Market is closed on Wednesdays and Sundays. 

Meeting place:

Tsukiji Shijo Sation (Toei Oedo line)




Guest requirement:

Minimum 2 person


2 guests: 34,000yen
3 guests: 45,000yen
4 guests: 56,000yen
5 guests: 65,000yen
6 guests: 72,000yen
7 or more additional 10,000yen/guest
Various food, drinks and samples are included

Children age 15-4: 2,000yen discount
Children age 3 or under: Free


<Food & Drinks Example> 

Egg omelette
Fresh tuna
Deep fried tuna
Steamed king crab
Sushi for breakfast
Japanese sweets
Fresh fruit
Green tea
Bonito flakes and others  (sample)